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Welcome to Calculate Percentage, our article about how to calculate a number expressed as a fraction of 100. In particular, we will look into percentage of a number and the percentage off a number, such as in case of discounts. Thus, assumed x and y are integers, we will answer x% of y and x% off y, which is sometimes spelled as x% off of y. In this website you can find the formulas and converters.

How to Calculate Percentage

You must understand whether your calculation is of type percentage of a number or percentage off a number. The formulas are as follows:

x% of y = (x / 100) * y
x% off of y = (100 – x / 100) * y

Spelled out, x percent of y and x percent off y. Make sure to use the correct calculate percentage formula; of means from, whereas off denotes deducted from.

For example, 20% of 100 is 20, but 20% off (of) 100 is 80. Along the same lines 30% of 100$ is 30$, but 30% off 100 dollars is 70$; this is the typical on sale situation.

The percentage of an amount of money is calculated as if it was a percentage of a number. For the math, forget about the currency, but make sure to add it back to the result.

For example: 10% of £100 → 10 per cent of 100 = 0.1 × 100 = 10 → £10.

Now you know how to calculate percentage. In the next section you can find our percent calculators, one for “of” and one for “off”. This way you will have it easier.

Percent Calculator

All you have to do is choosing between the two percent calculators here. They will do the math automatically, ones both, the number as well as the % field, have been filled.


Note that the above calculator is for % OF, below is % OFF!


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Calculate Percentage

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